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Together with our friends in Izegrim, we will go on a fall tour in October and November! We are really looking forward to trash the clubs together with you all - put your battle vest on, grab a beer and join us!

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New merch! 100% organic cotton, GOTS and Fair Wear certified.

Pre-orders for our new design "Seven Inches" start today. Make sure to get your size and favorite piece.T-shirts in different colors, hooded sweaters, zip up sweaters and finally girlie-shirts again!

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Massive discounts in our shop!

  • Discount on Hyëna-fanbox and ALL shirts!
  • Grab one of the last few boxes with Hyëna Digipak!
  • New hooded-zippers and hooded-sweater!

All prices plus shipping (we ship worldwide).
Discounts on all orders until Dec. 31, 2015.

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