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    "With their fourth album Cripper have taken another step forward and stayed true to their roots except slight changes in their sound. [...] Where ANTAGONIST already sounded very good, HYËNA sounds even better. [...] with HYËNA they step up their game and deliver the best album of their career so far." Hardharderheavy.de, 7/7 points. Read More
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    "For me, 'Hyëna' is an incredibly entertaining album of one of the best thrash bands in Germany. [...] One of the great thrash highlights of the year." Stormbringer.at, 4.5/5 points. Read More
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    "Compositionally, CRIPPER do not forward blindly, and they also do not try to score with elaborate tricks - on the contrary. CRIPPER simply provide terrific songs as a result of skill and experience. The quintet focuses on the essentials, convinces with catchiness and don't need to hide even after the first flash faded. And that is exactly why the Hanoverian easily pass the border from a vile recommendation to a highlight." Metal.de, 9/10 points. Read More
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    "Stylistically, the Hanoverians hit the right spot with their thrash between old school and modern stuff." Rock Hard, 7,5/10 points; soundcheck #6 Read More
  • Metal Hammer +

    "The fourth longplayer of the Hanoverian Cripper is a consistently good, nasty, pissed off and aggressive album. [...] A motivated, independent and worth hearing release." Metal Hammer, 4/7 points; soundcheck #14 Read More
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    "It's taken a while and a lot of listens to fully appreciate 'Hyëna' but without a doubt this is an album without any fillers just killer, Thrashing, Extreme Metal exuding from your speakers for the duration." The Metal Gods Rock Show, 8/10 points. Read More
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    "The new and fourth album is incredibly powerful, breathtakingly dynamic and outstanding agile. [...] It is reminiscent of bestial spits of an utterly fearless giant pack of snarling hyenas. [...] A whipping brutal attitude, forceful destroyer-riffing, edgy drumming, all in crisp structuring, topped by an infallible sense for rhythm." EMP Read More
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disco2014 hyëna

Hyëna; 2014 / Metal Blade


  • 01 Hyena
  • 02 Tourniquet
  • 03 Bloodshot Monkey Eye
  • 04 A Dime For The Establishment
  • 05 7"
  • 06 Animated Flesh
  • 07 The Origin
  • 08 Patterns In The Sky
  • 09 The Jackhammer
  • 10 Patronized
  • 11 Pure


Let there be lions
Let them free me from my skin
Let there be water
I wanna drown and touch the ground
As I drink the water of this earth
As I breathe the air in front of me

Live in fear
Live in fear

Seek and you may find
Reason to hide
Among my own kind
Let me be
I'm falling towards the sun

This here is my solitude
It stays with me
My source of fortitude

I have seen through the Hyena's eyes

High I wanna fly
To spread my wings, fall from the sky
Deep I wanna dive
To give in to the depths to feel alive
Like a storm I'm comin' over you
Like a wave take you away

Live in fear
Live in fear

Look me in the eyes and see
I need to be
The godless creature
Of your own monstrosity

We will kill that man
His father and his son
And when we're done
We're gonna stand and stare
at the sky

Fix me
Fix me

Hold out
Don't close your eyes
We've come so far, not far enough
We're dancing while they're coming
for us

Fix me
Fix me

I was given flesh
I was given words
I am for shame
As hurt is for the pain

I am a godforsaken consequence
Of circumstance
And though I do not own a thing
This moment is mine

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We won't die for your lie

Neck-tie, turban
Up-do, crown
Mitre, cop hat
Bring 'em down
The world in a corroded state of mind

The fellowship of copy-cats
The feeding of the rich
High society has high season, yeah

This is the rising of the underdog
The tourniquet of our bleeding society

Within the circle
Without fear
You're the center of
The life you bear
At the top of the food chain taking a break

Terror of perspectives
Heads up high and make believe
With the foot pressed on the pedal
Hit the wall while we're asleep
Made of flesh and bone
Embodied image of our evolution

With this life we own
Downstream or revolution

Feel the wind
As it turns
Hear the silence
Now it's gone
The ending of the poor being sold

We won't shut up for money
Won't buy your shit for peace
Yeah I bet you've seen it coming
So come on, fucker, catch me if you can!

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Bloodshot Monkey Eye

Don't move, don't even breathe
It's dangerous
It never was more evident
You look like a dog
With a damn rug
Too big for your shadow
Source of information cut


Every dog has its day
But you need the courage
Or at least the stupidity
My eyes can see
Your dirty little secret
Is no longer safe with me

I am the king
To ruin everything
I am the king, only the sky is forever

When everything I'm saying
Is all you want to hear
I'm right by your ear
A lie is stronger
Than any truth can ever be
Who's gonna break the rules for you now?

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A Dime For The Establishment

So what I hear
Fate and fear
We're dying all alone
Oh mother, my
I won't die alone
I'm in the Zone

Some are leaders
Some are led
It doesn't matter much to me
Here and now
Our play, our show
I'm alive

People pay
What money buys
Unpack it and decay
How sweet is success
When you hoard it away

Loud is our motor
Unlimited our gasoline
The thing that keeps us going...
There's no cure or medicine

We neither need a credit card
Nor do we pay with cash
A dime for the estasblishment
We party 'til we crash

Underneath the bottom shelf
When the bright lights are out
We gotta live with who we really are
And have but what shines inside

Loud is our motor
Unlimited our gasoline
The thing that keeps us going...
There's no cure or medicine

We neither need a credit card
Nor do we pay with cash
A dime for the estasblishment
Fuck - we play until we crash

We need to come upon the suit that fits
To wear despite the trend
Once you found what gets you there
You never wanna let it slip away

Mindconstructed borders
Keep our dreams
From coming true
So don't sell yourself short
Get up on your feet
The longer you wait...
...the longer you wait

Loud is our motor
Unlimited our gasoline
The thing that keeps us going...
There's no cure or medicineWe neither need a credit card
Nor do we pay with cash
A dime for the estasblishment
Fuck - we play it 'til we crash

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Anybody with any respect would respect me.
But any punk did not have respect.
And all the fear and insecurity... then they treat me like the fucking punk that they are.

They give me all their insecurity.

And I trust the very same person as you do.
I trust the only person left to trust.

Don't get me wrong
I'm only a witness
In that dream
I am not that dream

7 inches
Away from reality
Eyes covered
Shielded from misery

7 inches
Burning in my eyes
What is this life?
What is my disguise?

We here are the bad guys
So you can be the good guys
Without us role-modelling
None of you would be best-selling
We, the originality
Are the lonely apex of creativity

In order
To put this world
Into order
How much evil do you think would have to be?

They talk about help, but there is no such thing, gotta help yourself.
They talk about fear, and fear is a leader's favorite tool
When everyone's scattered like sheep...
I'm the biggest dog when I'm out there in the street

Will make you be
Who you are

Will make you be
Who you are

You gotta be responsible for your actions.
I'm not your leader, I'm not your follower.
I can do what I do by myself.
I don't need nobody. I ain't looking for no followers.
I am looking to survive.

The media is a rerun.
The public opinion is a little girl.
It's a toilet paper commercial.
It's got nothing to do with reality.
Realitiy's here.

Reality's now.

For all you actors we murdered and died
For all you play-roles we bled and survived
YOU people trying to be and do like me
You can't fake on me when you go up there
Taking all the applause
All the applause

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Animated Flesh

What is this all good for?
The way I see it...
Honor among thieves...
There is no such thing.

I try to change but everything just stays the same
And when I think I got a grip
I slip


My so-called choices in my so-called life
I'm living in the eye of a hurricane
Sooner or later...
I get carried away

Do not
Expect me to stay
The person that I am today
Sing with me
The forgotten symphony
Of self-respect

A blind eye towards the family tree
The hallow echoes of hypocrisy
I sacrifice myself today
And hope to find a better way tomorrow

I'm sick of this bullshit
Sick of my name
My future is pending
I'm bleeding in vain

I'm not at all
What you see
When you look at me
Please set me free

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The Origin

We all stop breathing in the end

Voyeurism is my definition
The scenery your amnesty
I have seen through the eyes of suffering before
But you are so enlightening

This my friend
Is the end
Of common and of sense

The origin
The pain that lives within

The origin
Infinite source of suffering

Feed me with thee
Eyes of everything
I am the omniscient narrator of your little story
Come, see

Cheers my friend, here's to you, cheer 'em up
Why so serious?
Gotta get a move on
Ain't got all the time in the world
Now please

And that joke that was made, that was on you
Don't you wanna come dance with me?
I can hardly wait
Now watch that man

Still labelled human
But he's in my possession
All choices consumed
Time to cross the final line

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Patterns In The Sky

But what's beautiful?
My life, it ain't worth shit
In this world of monsters
Comfort is what I seek
But look at what I get
Portraying failure
May you be my savior

Say, is it me you see?
Who is it you want me to be?
Under water, hold your breath
Count to ten and and then again
The day they're gonna come and see
Will be the day I let you be
Until then I'm aiming high
I'm seeing patterns in the

Violence is everywhere
Then again, what could I fear?
Shaking my hand and pulling me near
Run, I'm ready to follow you

I wanna let myself go
Want it to be alright
But the underlying overplay
Makes me feel so much more alive
I belong to this world
Will die by my own hand
Take it, lover, let me be your guide
Like patterns in the

Violence is everywhere
Then again, what could I fear?
Shaking my hand and pulling me near
Run, I'm ready to follow you

Calming down the beast
The inherent burning fire
Seven steps away from perfect
Six away from scum
How much of truth is perception?
How much of truth is trust?
It's time to load my gun
I'm aiming high
I'm seeing patterns in the

Violence is everywhere
Then again, what could I fear?
Shaking my hand and pulling me near
Run, I'm ready to follow you

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The Jackhammer

Keep a straight face, stand in line
Applause, applause
We're here
We're fine

Freedom comes in 99 flavors

What we take we waste
What we don't take
We throw away
One, two, three, four immolations
Five, six, seven dinner time

And you may think
There is nothing there
You don't see anything
'Cause you don't look at anything

It could have been the father
It should have been the son
It would have been the mother
If she had a gun, yeahhhh

On with the jackhammer!
Humanity under construction
On with the jackhammer!
Hate... manmade

Let's all go out and hang ourselves
As we become what we see
So bored, cared for and overfed

I'm sure it's for the better
I'm pretty sure it's pretty safe
And if it's not
Then nothing is
So let's leave it alone

First there were none
and then one
Then all of a sudden
there were some

Improving me, improving you
Improving faith, improving the truth

We pretend
We pretend
We cannot pretend
We don't pretend
We pretend
We pretend
We don't pretend
We cannot pretend
We cannot pretend

We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
Oh God we're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy<

It's up to you
Or the one you leave it up to
There is no consequence

Blind eye
I try to make you understand
But you're a look without a see
In the illusion of democracy
I raise my voice and disagree

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A new chapter of my selfishness
Another lie on the top of my list
I see you, but won't satisfy your needs
Every bit I will provide is only serving me
And you say
„Oh, my darling, is this all you have to give?
Or is there anything I don't understand?“

Give me something else that's broken
Something i can repair
Give me something else that's broken
I need a pain for the nature of my cure

It's my birthright
Yes, I lay it on the line!
The finger on the button... is mine
Your craving for my sympathy
Turns the seed of remorse
Into a jungle of guilt
And so, since you're the up-and-coming
Light of my life
You take what you're given – and you better be nice

I'm just a man
I am an act of God
I am your mother
I'm a child
You are a feeder
The original sin

I do not
And I never act
Like I am someone else
We... are the epitome of this universes randomness
Can't you see
We are indifferent
Whoever makes people like you, makes people like me

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11 Pure

Take it out on me
I leave it up to you

The more I intervene
The more gets lost on the way
I can see myself in you can you see yourself?
Yeah, do what you can
And you will stay who you are
You unleashed a monster
Now it's coming back for you

It's given to you, life
Tomorrow will never be yesterday
Chasing the highs
Still we are alone

Make a decision
Make it quick
Cause this shit is gonna burn
That's why we watch the shit
That's why we feel the shit
That's why we want the shit
How we want the shit

Distraction and bullshit... are no longer tolerated
Disconnect me from my words but not from what i'm saying
Let others take the risk - I'd like to sit back and watch if that's ok

Straight ahead
Straight ahead
Do you want to walk through life with me, or are you just enjoying my company?

Your whole life consists of avoiding mistakes
I am a fish on the carpet
I wanna see the fish on the carpet
I won't hold on to your hand and drown

I want something
I want something
I want something pure
I want something
I want something
I want something pure

Can't we name the things as they are?
Respect ourselves for who we are?
Bleed with the hurt
Lie in the dirt
No one could ever take that away

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