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Nickname: Dennis

Cripperish Instrument: Drums aaand percussion.

Outdoors? 2nd living room, bicycle, reading, wind, weather, freedom

Indoors? Computer stuff, rehearsal room, electricity from the socket, dry

You are entering the rehearsal room and... beer is cold, music is loud, the sporty part of the day begins.

In which band would you like to help out and why? In a Hip-Hop band or a D'n'B project, to do something completely different.

What are you expecting from yourself? Self-reflection, self-conception, rationality, freedom

What are you expecting from others? Tolerance

What embarasses you? Putting my head above the parapet with wild theses

What does other people embarrass about you? Repetitions of repetitions of repetitions.

What rocks? Sleeping in, tasty food, exciting music

What doesn't rock? More than 30 degrees celsius in the shadow, small-mindedness, "the system" (TM) :P

Your mood often changes from... to: At the moment, there isn't changing much. Things are acknowledged.

What indicates you're drunk? I'm drinking more.

What are you able to do that no one else is? Breaking my pinky while being asleep without noticing.

What is everyone else able to do except yourself? Feeling relaxed after ten hours of sleep.

No one believes me, but it's true: Tooth paste can freeze.

I always wanted to say that: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.