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Tadahh! Here's the front cover of our upcoming album “Hyëna”! But that's not all. On you can now listen to the brand new song “Tourniquet” and also pre-order the album.

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Hyëna is to be released the 21st of November, 2014 and here's the track listing:

01. Hyena
02. Tourniquet
03. Bloodshot Monkey Eye
04. A Dime For The Establishment
05. 7"
06. Animated Flesh
07. The Origin
08. Patterns In The Sky
09. The Jackhammer
10. Patronized
11. Pure

The album will be available as a limited CD+DVD Digipak as well as on vinyl (finally!) in different colours. The bonus-DVD features the entire show we played at the Metaldays Open Air 2014 and a lot more. Details on the bonus-DVD will be revealed shortly!

Ok, thats enough to cover birthday and Christmas gifts :-)


Thank you so much guys, we need to order new t-shirts "Maya" again.
For those who would like a hoodie, a hooded zipper or - for the first time! - a longsleeve shirt. We will add a free poster to every order!
You can order now and pay for example via paypal until Friday, July 18th. Shipping will be around mid August. Strictly pre-order & pre-payment!

Longsleeve: 18 EUR plus shipping
Hoodie: 25 EUR plus shipping
Zipper: 30 EUR plus shipping
Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Color: black

For your order please got to: Horns up! Cheers, Cripper


Crazy shit! We are part of the Metal Blade family now!

Cripper Live

Cripper is a self-made band. Despite never being signed to a real label, we have released 3 albums, toured Europe a couple times and even made it across the ocean twice.
Being control freaks in every possible way, we were very content with our situation, but still we started to feel like it is time for a change.
We were highly motivated to produce a new demo to see if Metal Blade liked our new stuff. To make a long story short: they did, and so we are here now, ready to walk trough newly opened doors and taking the opportunity to reach more people with our music.
With Metal Blade we keep our self-made attitude regarding our artistic freedom and full control, only now we get the chance to present ourselves on a much larger platform.

Our upcoming album with the title "Hyena" is in the making and we hope to release it worldwide in November!