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Today we have some serious news to announce. We decided to break up Cripper in the middle of the year.

The last few years were quite restless in the Cripper camp and sometimes also very exhausting. When we started our adventure 13 years ago, our lives and private interests were much more alike than they are now. To unite these worlds and ways of life while at the same time pursuing this very precious bond it takes to run this band, has become harder and harder. It is increasingly burdening those who want to take their foot off the gas and also those who prefer to accelerate more. We hinder each other, which has a crippling effect on all sides.

To be honest, there is no strength and motivation to keep going. This in no way means that Cripper is no longer important to us. On the contrary. This band and the journey that lies behind us takes a huge place in our hearts. You fans and friends out there gave us more than we ever imagined. We want to preserve this feeling and - even if it sounds pathetic - cherish it. So instead of squeezing out the last bit of everything and end up playing our songs completely worn out and lacking any enthusiam, we pull the ripcord here.

It may not feel easy, but it is still right to take that step. For us as soon-to-be former members of the band Cripper, this breakup will have a relieving effect and might also inspire one or the other to pursue new musical or artistic chapters.

We will play all show that are announced on our online channels until the end of June at full throttle and highly motivated! Maybe we will even add some more gigs in addition to the already confirmed shows. Let's see what's going to happen and what we want to do together. We look forward to seeing you!


What's up you crazy peeps out there? Looking forward to our release of FOLLOW ME: KILL! on September 15? We certainly are, and we are already eagerly rehearsing our setlist with lotsa new songs for our release show in our hometown Hannover on September 15! Presales have started in our shop:

and also directly at Subkultur.

We are proud to announce our support for this special night. Our colleagues and special friends GODBITE from Poland will help us make this night a very special one.


subkultur 15 09 2017 flyer v2a web klein 1503074285

The venue Subkultur will host another great metal live event on September 16 with Kambrium, Distrust, Insidious Voice and Atomic Serpent! For those of you who can't get enough metal, get a combo-ticket for both shows and save a couple extra bucks for beer:

Sincerely yours, Cripper



Alright guys 'n gals, here's our first single "Pressure" of our upcoming album "Follow Me: Kill!". Enjoy & share!

cripper follow me kill preorder

The album will be out on September 15, but you can already pre-order it through Indiemerch and EMP.

Pre-order in the following formats:
--Digipak CD (EU exclusive)
--180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
--yellow orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies)
--cool grey marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!




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