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Nickname: Elchkuh (cow-elk)

Cripperish Instrument: Voice

Outdoors? Park, BBQ, motorcycle riding, bike riding , laze around

Indoors? Couch, watching movies, sports, writing lyrics, Sunday breakfast

You are entering the rehearsal room and... freeze during winter, sweat during summer. The duration of an agreeable middle temperature in the rehearsal room is way too short.

In which band would you like to help out and why? Hm, that's not easy to say. There's more than just one perspective. I'd like to hlp out in a band that doesn't play metal and experience a different audience. Or in a really successful band and feel the audience's huge energy wave washing over me. To be onstage with Lamb of God would be awesome, too – simply because I'd love to perform their songs live.

What are you expecting from yourself? Veracity, authenticity, curiosity, willingness to learn, humor.

What are you expecting from others? Motivation, endurance, honesty, reality-check, humor

What embarasses you? That I sometimes interrupt people, forgetting my lyrics. Probably forgetting my lyrics is the punishment for interrupting people.

What does other people embarrass about you? My inclination toward provocation.

What rocks? Sleeping in, chocolate bars for breakfast, soft-boiled eggs, strawberries, bathtub, smooching.

What doesn't rock? Not getting enough sleep, being in the mood for party and everyone else is tired

Your mood often changes from... to... Damn, I'm starving! -> Maaan, I'm so full!

What indicates you're drunk? Increased need to talk OR no need to talk at all.

What are you able to do that no one else is? Say "My wombat became constipated" in Greek without knowing which word stands for what.

What is everyone else able to do except yourself? Burp, laugh about Monty Python

No one believes me, but it's true: Pineapples are dusgusting!

I always wanted to say that: Fall down -> get up.