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gerrit lommer


Cheers you crazy peeps out there!

This is Gerrit writing. To drop the bomb right at the beginning: I won't be Cripper's bass player anymore.

I want to focus on taking more care about my little family and therefore have decided to pass the baton on to my successor.

My biggest thank goes to you Britta, Knitzel, Jonathan and Dennis! You have made it possible to be a part of this crazy bunch. I have had an incomparable time since 2012. Those were absolutely great times with you lunatics ;-) While I am sitting here writing these lines, lotsa memories are popping up in my head. I am proud, to have been a part of Cripper... I wish you only the best and a lot of success. You have earned ist!

Huge thanks also to you guys out there, who are staying with Cripper for more than 12 years. Cripper's journey will continue, and rumor has it that the new album is about to be finished ;-)

I will play my final show with Cripper on April 29 at the "Charity Mosh" in Luxemburg. Hope to see you there...

Cheers & thanks!


Well... hi there folks!

This is Lommer, Cripper's new bass player!

What can I say: I was thrilled when I was asked if I wanted to play in Cripper. I know the band for a few years already, since there were quite a few overlaps here and there - in most recent past when Britta joined the Death Metal band CRITICAL MESS wherer I am also playing bass.

It is still a little unbelievable that I am now part of this band. The first rehearsals were really great and we're having a lot of fun!

The future will hold a lot for us and I am looking forward to hit stages with Cripper and party with you guys. The first show we will be playing together is on April 30 at the Mosh in den Mai in Celle (Germany).

In this spirit: Horns up!

Oh and one more thing... For those of you who have payed close attention to the music video for "A Dime For The Establishment" might have seen me as a trigger-happy redneck ;-)