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disco2008 freakinside2

Freak Inside; 2007; re-Release 2008 / SAOL


  • 01 Shortcut
  • 02 Sun; Colour: Black
  • 03 Fire Walk With Me
  • 04 60 bpm
  • 05 Vicious Condition / Inhibitor
  • 06 Strike The Force
  • 07 Masquerade
  • 08 Attention Deficit
  • 09 Solwly Beaten Hate Machine
  • 10 Break Out
  • 11 Trapped
  • 12 Kill My Thirst
  • 13 Black Terra


Time is recaptured
Cold are my hands
Meanings been fractured
Doctrine commands

Hope was reloaded
Pattern seems clear
Visions corroded
Aren't they, my dear?
Swallowed me whole
Ain't got no control
Your love is euthanasia

Pain is vindictive
Denial a home
Passion's addictive
Nothing to own

Uncured infection
Better off dead
Under construction
Wasteland ahead

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Sun; colour: black

An owner of my own
A twisted thought my home
White: the noise
Sun; colour: black
World on fire, burning me

A confession: alone
Opposition: here
An intention: unknown
Resurrection: fear

Disturber made of dirt
Each memory can hurt
Eyes: wide open
Mouth; distortion: pain
Remain in silence, rest in peace

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Fire walk with me

It takes courage to enjoy
And devotion to survive
Blessed who knows
Divine who keeps
Insane who tries to resist

Many have been burnt before
No try-out, no guarantee
Hard to learn
Never to forget
Forever etched into your head

Beauty's found in lost control
One can taste but none can own
Hands off hold
No safety belt
With open eyes accellerate

Elemental everything
An aspect of demand
Twist of fate
Triumph over compulsion

Fire – fire
Walk with me
Fire – fire
Zero gravity
Fire – fire
Walk with me
Fire – fire
There's no guarantee

Something unknown to explore
For a moment out of sight
Waste a thought
To be prepared
Then a shot to understand

Monster-proof the shield of ego
Can't be reached from even ground
Walking freely but alone

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60 bpm

Here we are
Front toward enemy
Here we stand
Presenting our arms

Welcome back
Still some jobs to do
Welcome home
Lets get this started now

Open up
Black eyed memories
Open doors
A mouthful of blood

Breaking up
All is well that ends well
Breaking news
First line of defence

We all were supposed
To stay with could-have-been friends
Taken part
In their would-have-been plans

I forgot
I felt free for a minute
Let go
Was me for a minute

Face to face
Boogers on parade
Face the facts
No more double cross

Take aback
Sleeper has woken up
Take apart
Countless apologies

On our own
Back on the advance
On our way
Taking over control

After all
Waste is left behind
For nothing at all

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Vicious Condition / Inhibitor

I got it done while no one saw it
Removed the fright and did not tell
Not alone but solely
I turned your head and walked away

I can't keep what I don't have
But throw away the need to own
Bet the players want to play
Open a side pot I'm all in

Vicious condition
Perdition on demand
A shelter of hatred
The cradle of relief

Oh darling, my inhibitor
My heart is occupied
No substitute and no relief
I made myself a prisoner

I'm not the one you thought I am
And I'm no longer who I was
Things I heard and plans that failed
Shoes are worn out, paths blind

When pressure reached a certain climax
My knot untied just fell apart
The ones I hate and try to escape from
Once were the ones I needed most

The scalp replanted back to your head
Does not fit and looks grotesque
Yes, I once wished you were dead
Never prayed that you should die

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Strike the force

The misery begins with torture
Suppression, hate and ignorance
What I need
Fight for
I want to
Won't beg for

It's so disgusting, cheap and dirty
Take your hands off of me
Call me weak
Call me pathetic
Yes, I hate
I am against

Strike the force
Aggressive attack
Attack the aggressor
Strike the force

Witness of a dead rebellion
Betrayal, loss, hypocrisy
Piece of shit
Shut up
Keep clear
I'll rip you up

I close my eyes and concentrate
Let hatred be my trail
And let it out

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This is it, the game is over
All the stakes are lost
What once was
Forever failure
Keep your fingers crossed

Pretend to honor with each laughter
Wash their stains away
Come on over
Keep it rollin'
- - Here today

You hide
No face
You die
Don't dare to live

Do the dance and spend a dime
Don't miss any chance
Fuck your mother
Suck your sister
Tell it to your friends

The hope is lost, the dream is dead
Something I forgot?
Leave a message
See you later
You're out, I'm not

Shave your head and paint it red
Loser lost his mind
Go home
Go alone
Already left behind

In the end your feigning laughter
Ruled your pretty face
Time is over
Sell it out
Nothing left to hate

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Attention deficit

Collision and indifference
The air too cold to breathe
A secret full of prophecies
The truth within a dream

Restraint cocoons the arrogance
And fear has wrapped deceit
These hands gave birth to violence
A bitten pair that feeds

Posing silence
Attention deficit
I am silence
Feeding the deficit

A common joint polarity
Beneath the crowd applauds
Corrosion of prosperity
Messiah sent abroad

Self-refined matriarchy
Keeps the pain alive
An outline for the enemy
A reason to survive

A curfew and a labyrinth
Life in the exile
Oral pong and peppermint
Faithful but senile

Cloven ruins of decadence
Construction to collapse
Overrated relevance
Another ones effects

Shadows hide the overdose
Believers justify
Talkative though comatose
A story and a lie

Hyperbolic masterplan
Countdown to excuse
Fingers-crossing gentleman
Nature of abuse

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Slowly Beaten Hate Machine

Slowly beaten hate machine
Hide and seek, not to be seen
Inside outbreaking infection
Punishment drilled to perfection

Absolutely unimpressed
Left behind but self posessed
Happy birthday antihero
Countdown backwards ten to zero

Breed of hate
Feed and wait

Epidemic state of mind
Lonely, to its thoughts confined
Echoing a dated laughter
Adding up equals disaster

Flashbacking these memories
Looking for a chance to ease
Leaving every promise empty
Yes is no, replaces maybe

Tripping on the aftermath
There's no God to fear His wrath
Revenge is a strong desire
Raging, sets the soul on fire

Far beyond catastrophe
Can't deny what has to be
High degree of desperation
Instinct of self-preservation

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Break Out

Led astray the role to play

Lost the soul the price to pay

Meaningless and washed away

In a world – can´t breathe – break out
In these shoes – don´t fit – break out
These nights – can´t sleep – break out
This life – to die – you can´t break out

Underneath this paradise
Grey the ashes, I can see
My face is as dry as yours
So clear our dreams
But bound our souls

Open arms, access denied

Killed the will to run and hide

Can´t control the freak inside

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Is to hear me scream
I'm not loud at all
Who's to tell me with no voice
Nonsense to my ears

Is the ear that's deaf
Listen to what I say
Words will never free your mind
Remaining unheard

No – way out
No – regret
No - thing

The shadows fall
The light is low
And the window's shut
The backdoor's locked
There's no way out
You are exposed

By my dazzling light
It's too dark to see
What you see's not what you get
Read between the lines

Are a lack of light
No one's ever seen
There is more than meets the eye
Hiding in the dark

Not a feeling's left
Fear the feel that hurts
I am here, don't you remember
Salt inside your wound

Stays a creation
Kept inside a box
I won't hide what I create
'Cause it makes me free

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Kill my thirst

Fear can grow
Where safety was
And hate will rise
Where lovers lost

We're missing things
We used to have
Are playing with what
We need the most

At the time
We recognize
We're giving up
'Cause it's too late

I hide myself in strength
And cover dirt with paint
Pretend to never bother
But care from start to end

I am a friend rejector
Too many I have lost
A promise doesn't matter
For I prefer distrust

I want to live in freedom
Though I cannot let go
The more I try to pick up
The less I seem to know

I cannot stay where I am
Don't know where else to run
The future left behind me
I'm waiting for what's gone

Bastards live
Where dreamers die
With angry source
Respect runs dry

We want to stay
And settle down
What we learn instead
Is how to leave

On the road
We miss our homes
While being there
Can lock us in

I know I am a fighter
What for I still don't get
The reason I am still here
Is I don't dare to leave

I hate me for the reasons
The others love me for
My strength and my endurance
Makes them leave me alone

Take a peek
But do not touch
Dare to touch
But don't take home

We need directives
To feel free
It is the choice
That insecures

Hopes are high
And aims are great
What we can't have
We want the most

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Black terra

I'm creating your fears
Deciding your fate
Hide and flee impossible
All I feel is hate
Trying one stab more
Your body collapse
All over the planet
I'm spinning my web

Tragedy ending
Killing for the thrill
Uncontrolled violence
Black Terra

Putting you under pressure
That's giving me strength
Business as usual
Never had any friends
Blood runs out of
Wounds wide open
Nothing but food for the rats
You sucker

Inhaling scorn
Exhaling action
So won't you come along
And join this satisfaction
Getting closer
Don't turn away
Teach you a lesson
This will make my day
... make my day

Hits you like a punch in the teeth
Strikes you down fulfilled by disease
Smashing your legs
Sucking you out
Tastes so good when cutting your throat

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