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Hey folks! gerrit mohrmann

Those of you who've been to the CRIPPER release show last Friday in Hanover already know…

Now they turn me loose! I’m the new one playing bass guitar, my name is Gerrit and I also come from Hanover, Germany just as the rest of the band.
As long ago as 2008 I ave played a few shows with CRIPPER so that I was really happy being invited to an audition.
After having had sex with all of them I got the job as the new bass player… ;-)

It’s fuckin’ awesome now being part of this group. No long time ago we shared our rehearsal room. I’m looking forward to many awesome shows with CRIPPER and to you fans, because they call you the “wackiest and best fans in the world”! :D
It was damn cool for me playing “Totmann” at the realeas show last Friday. It was great to see what I have to expect being part of the CRIPPER family. Thanx a lot for all the blandishments and the “Welcome!”.

Folks, let’s have a damn great time destroying all the stages of the world!

Basti, dude! I’m at liberty to write a few words to say farewell: I wish you a great time at your last show during the “Break the ground” festival upcoming Friday. I thank you very much for supporting me during the transition period to follow in your big footsteps! I wish you all the fuckin’ best for your future!

So long, suckers!