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Nickname: Gert or sometimes the “halftone loser”

Cripperish Instrument: Bass and Knitzel’s willy

Outdoors? Motorbike, sword fighting, grilling and “Limmern”

Indoors? Sports, sleeping in, watching movies, role-playing (The Dark Eye) and playing games on the computer

You are entering the rehearsal room and... then LOUD!

In which band would you like to help out and why? Mr. Big, because: Are you that big, they call you Mister ;-)

What are you expecting from yourself? Honesty and integrity

What are you expecting from others? Clear statements

What embarasses you? German folk music

What does other people embarrass about you? Making myself look foolish… ;-) being sarcastic and cynic

What rocks? Quite a few things!

What doesn't rock? Bad temper

Your mood often changes from... to...: “Hyperactive” to “done”

What indicates you're drunk? Puke!

What are you able to do that no one else is? I’m afraid that I’m no big deal. It’s too bad!

What is everyone else able to do except yourself? I sometimes do not know when to stop.

No one believes me, but it's true: “… but I’m not an alien!”

I always wanted to say that: “He is dead, Jim!”